How To Get What You Need To Get Done But … With A Baby

My name is Gianni Cortes, I am a 24 year old father, business owner of Cortes Construction, investor in cryptocurrency and stocks, and a health and wellness afficionado. My life changed for the best when I welcomed a baby boy into the world in January 2021 but it also changed in the fact that I had to find new methods to get things done and a huge new responsibility my life now revolved around. Here are a few steps my wife and I should’ve done since the beginning but did not and learned from our mistakes.


My wife and I bonded so much with our baby and to be frank we didn’t want to put him down. Him sleeping on us melted our hearts. You have to fight these feelings not all the time but, majority of the time is good enough. TRUST ME. We used a round donut shaped pillow called a Boppy (now I’m craving donuts). This pillow was amazing for breastfeeding when he was fun sized and even better when he got a wee bit bigger for tummy time. Ask your pediatrician when they recommend tummy time for your baby and do it! If you don’t get your baby comfortable to being on his tummy and self soothing you will be on your tummy on the ground screaming at the floor.

2. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

During the first two months it is likely your baby will be your alarm clock every 3-4 hours because he is a milk chugging machine. If one parent takes a sole responsibility of night shift you will personify a good addition to The Walking Dead (this is not an affiliated or endorsed method to be cast by The Walking Dead). You will have one tired grumpy parent. Switching each shift at night or doing half and half has been key to filling refreshed. As a parent the ambition and drive you have is unreal to fill your child’s needs. You operate full capacity and more than you ever did before you had a baby off 4 glorious hours of sleep.

3. Have friends with babies or toddlers

Having friends with children has been crucial to our knowledge at parents. Books are great and all but there is nothing like a friend you trust that has an amazing child vs. someone you don’t know writing a book that can be complete mumbo jumbo with the intent of financial gain. Having friends has helped us save money on clothes, calling our pediatrician, and self diagnosing our baby on WebMd (We all know how that goes, no you do not have a rare disease because you sneezed).

These are my main 3 steps but I have many more! You are welcomed as a new parent or soon to be parent to message me on Instagram or leave comments on this post. It has been a beautiful amazing journey thus far and it gets better and better each day. I hope you enjoyed this read and my dad jokes.

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